Toilet Paper Roll Challenge!

Now’s the time to show off your dogs awesome “stay” skills!  We love to have fun with our dogs, right? Here is a fun challenge for you – See how many toilet paper rolls your dog can balance on their head! This will take some skill (and a lot of patience!).  You can do it – Go have some fun with your dog!

When you get a picture (even if it’s silly!) post it to our Instagram or Facebook page (if it’s on Facebook, please post in the comments of this post).  We can’t WAIT to see your dog doing the Toilet Paper Roll Challenge!

Here’s Chip, showing off his awesome “Stay” skills!
–Giene and the Dog Face Team
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What I thought was going to be a 20 minute visit..

Turned out to be a one hour lesson on how many scary things are out there!
Look below for the video!
My dogs are country dogs. I like to get them out into the city just for the sheer fact of having them in environments they would not encounter in a normal day.  Yes, I’m kind of *always* training my dogs! My dogs are my life and my life is my dogs (and kids, and husband, and pigs, and well.. I could go on!).
So, today I had to take my car in for an oil change. I figured, oh sure, 20 minutes.. In and out, right?  No deal! I handed him my keys and he said “see you in two hours”. What!? What in the world would do for two hours? And, I brought Axl with me so I can’t really go into the shops and poke around…  Hmm… So, we started walking.  It’s a really, really windy day so everything seemed exaggerated.
Axl is only 7 months old, so I’m always considering things that may make an impact on him. He’s pretty well-rounded for a 7 month old (like I said, my dogs pretty much go with me everywhere!), but every day holds new experiences, right?  As we were walking around the square I started thinking, IF he were a fearful dog, how many of these things would I have to be watching out for?  As I stepped back and really studied my surroundings, I realizes, sheesh!  Practically everything!!
I started taking pictures and videos of things around us that would potentially be scary for a dog.  Yes, I was that “weird” lady that was asking people if I could take their picture, haha!  Everyone was really nice and happy to help, as long as they got to pet the fluffy dog!
See how many things you can spot in this video that might be worrisome for a young dog, or a dog that didn’t get a lot of socialization, or that may have fear issues..

When you’re on a walk with your own dog, be sure to spot potential “scary” things ahead of time, so you can either work with him to help him understand it’s okay, or if it’s too scary, avoid it and save it for another time!
Have you seen our Therapy or Canine Good Citizen Class? We spent the majority of class creating real world situations to not only help your dog understand that things are not scary or overwhelming – But to also teach YOU how to help your dog work through situations!  Check them out, they’re pretty awesome classes!
–Giene & Axl, aka The Ax Man
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Photos from Grayslake Shows

Thank you to all of the Judges, Tammy for handling Violet and all of the great support and friendship during these shows. We had such a fun time!

WEBSITE Axl 4 point major judge david w haddock 21 dogs entered 013016WEBSITE Violet BOB 012916 judge paula hartinger Chain Olakes KC Tammy SzaboWEBSITE Violet Select 013116 judge james moses IKC 4 point major

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Grayslake Shows 2016

Wow, we could not have asked for a more exciting time at the Grayslake, IL dog shows this past week!  We had a great time, seeing old friends and meeting some new ones.  It was a long week, driving back and forth each day, but it was worth it to be home to see my family and spoil my dogs each evening.

Pending AKC approval, here is the haul that Violet and Axl took in!

Wednesday – Reserve Winners – Which was a huge honor because the dogs being shown were all so beautiful
Saturday – Winners Dog for a FOUR point major – And he’s only 7 months old!! I am always a little intimidated when I go in the ring with some of the big-time handlers. They make everything look so easy.  So, I was just about shaking when the judge picked Axl over such deserving dogs and handlers!

Thursday – Reserve Winners
Friday – BEST of BREED with a FOUR point major! 18 dogs were shown! She only needed one point to finish, so getting a major to finish her was the icing on the cake! Thank you Tammy for presenting her so beautifully!
Sunday – Grand Champion Select for another FOUR point major! (and I got the honor of handling her for this one!) 23 dogs shown! This major will go towards her Grand Champion title, woo hoo!

SO proud of my babies!!


Axl actually had one more blue ribbon, but I must have left it on a grooming table at the show, darn it!


Axl and I for his 4 point major win! Look at that face, he’s so adorable it makes me all mushy inside 🙂

I’ll be posting their show photos with official thank you’s when we get them, which should be in 1-2 weeks. 

You’d think the dogs would be tired, right?  Nope, they came home and played each day for about two hours before finally laying down! I think the 2.5 hour car ride home each day was enough to recharge them.  Me? I think I need a nap!

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Welcome Home!

Violet had her very first weekend away with a handler. She went with Tammy, who is wonderful with the dogs, always smiling at them and very gentle.  Violet is pretty “go with the flow”, so she would probably do well with anyone, but I think she did especially well with Tammy because how good she is with the dogs.  I had very low expectations, being this was her first time away.  She’s been to many shows before, but I had no idea how she would do this weekend.  She and Tammy blew me away beyond belief!

Violet Major Win 112215 Judge Dr. Carmen Battaglia

Saturday at the Minneapolis KC there were 15 PWDs, and I think 5 Specials.  Violet took Winners in her class and Best of Winners!  Wowsa! Her very first Major, a 3 pointer! And it wasn’t a fluke either – Sunday she and Tammy did the same thing, only Sunday was a FOUR point Major!

I’m thrilled with Tammy’s beautiful handling of Violet, and really proud of my little girl. I think that we can all agree that we think our own dogs are beautiful, right? It’s a pretty cool thing when other people think your dog is beautiful too 🙂

I picked up Violet and she was happy to see me. She gave me a face wash when we got in the car, then she was fast asleep by the time we reached the interstate.  Even though she was happy to see me, I think Axl was even happier to see her! He was just about bouncing out of his own skin.. He missed his big sis…

Update 01/11/16 – Violet came back from a three day weekend with Tammy and got WB two days, which means two more points! Way to go!




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