About Us

We are a family of five, our kids are ages 6 through 14.   We have had many dogs in our lives and have fallen in love with the Portuguese Water Dogs.  We live in the country, in the rolling hills of Southern Wisconsin.  We have chickens, pet pigs, cats and of course, our Portuguese Water Dogs!


I read once in the breed description that they are “resistant to fatigue”.  Yes, a breed that does not get tired!  Well, each dog is different, but I think our dogs give us the best of both worlds. They are not “hyper”, but they are energetic. They are fun, playful and super smart. They are amazing with our kids (they sleep with them), are super snuggly and sweet – and always up for an adventure!

In addition to being loving companions, I also enjoy training and showing my dogs.  We compete in Conformation, Tracking, Obedience and Rally.

You can also read more about me and my dog training business here: Dog Face Training

And our Shooting Star Portuguese Water Dog website here: Shooting Star PWDs

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